Polarization Beam Splitter/Combiner

Polarization beam splitter can be used as beam splitters or beam combiners. The output beam which are parallel to input beam is called p-polarized beam while the orthogonal output beam is defined as s-polarized beam. The polarization beam splitter plates are available for red, blue, and green lasers, you can choose the one you require, we will offer our customer the solution for the beam combining.



Material: BK7 Grade A Optical Glass

Dimension Tolerance: ± 0.2 mm

Thickness Tolerance: ± 0.2 mm

Flatness: l/4 @ 632.8 nm per 25 mm

Surface Quality: 60/40 scratch and dig

Extinction Ratio:>100:1

Beam Deviation:<3 arc minutes

Principal Reflectance: Rs>99% and Rp<5%

Principal Transmittance:Tp >95% and Ts<1%

Red polarization beam splitter

Blue polarization beam splitter

Green polarization beam splitter

Standard Size            

Part No.

Size (mm)




For red laser combing



For blue laser combing



For green laser combing

Note: Other size,  wavelength and coating are available upon request.

Customerized laser combining system

We can offer complete laser combining system with polarization beam splitter, And the output power will be doubled compared to that of the single laser.