Customized Laser

We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom-made and OEM lasers to suit our clients' particular needs. In fact, 75% of the lasers manufactured involve some type of custom work. So if you don't see a specific product or accessory on our Web site, we can still help. Whether that means altering the optical, mechanical, and/or electrical components of the laser, we have the in-house capabilities to create the perfect solution for you. We have the R&D, Engineering, and Production expertise to manufacture lasers that are able to maintain integrity in various extreme settings and conditions.

 That you can have your laser custom-built for:

Specific specs: optical, mechanical and/or electrical

Custom wavelengths and powers

Custom housings, cables and connectors and other modifications

Hazardous or hostile environments (wet, dirty, high-temp, etc.)

Projecting application-specific patterns

In the past, we have worked with numerous clients requesting us to design and prototype laser modules to overcome the various difficulties they encountered while trying to efficiently perform their day-to-day tasks. Not only did we step up to these challenges, we were able present solutions that were tailored to the specific needs of each individual client.