Diode pumped solid state (DPSS) lasers

Wavelength ranges from 266 to 1573nm, various power level, operation mode and coupling scheme, high stability and reliability, FDA certified.

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Diode Lasers

Wavelength ranges from 375 to 2200 nm, various power level, operation mode and coupling scheme, high stability and reliablity, FDA Certified.

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Laser Marking Systems

Short pulse duration and high peak power, compact dimensions and highly fine precise marking lines, ideal choice for a wide range of laser marking applications.

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Laser pointers

We have thousands of quality laser pointers in stock for you. Choose from a Green Laser Pointer, Red Laser Pointer, Blue or even Violet Laser Pointer.

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Laser components

We make a variety of laser components, including free space and pigtailed laser diodes, optical filters, optical crystals, beam expanders, laser optics and diffraction gratings. These components can be custom made to suit your special needs.

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Laser accessories

Laser shade/goggles, laser line generators, laser display cards, RGB beam combiners, fibers for laser coupling, laser power meters, polarization beam splitters, and variable attenuators.

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customized products and service

We can work closely with you to deliver customized laser products that meet your special needs and provide related customized service(modulation, fiber coupling, coating).

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